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Recycle / Resume / Review / Redo / Rebuild
Take a scalpel, cut these words to keep only the re- prefix.
Make it your main character, a detective.
Place it among macabre words, dark phrases where the night keeps raining.
Once the operation is complete, the investigation can begin.

The images in this film are taken from over 150 pre-existing films. Produced as part of the Post-Diploma Arts and sound creations Bourges 2019. The sound filming was carried out during the radio sessions of RadioRadio located in the studios of Bourges. With the support of Jérome Joy, Roger Cochini, Jean Michel Ponty, Lionel Marchetti. This film was produced and postproduced by Wrong Films and Microclimat.

Duration : 47min
Format : found footage
Date : 2020
Teaser : here
Diffusion : FID (Marseille, 2020).

Records in the Hood

Rap is a permeable musical genre with cinema. French rap albums are full of sound scenes, where the singers have various roles to transcribe the city in which they lived. Purchase in a kebab, pickpocketing, telephone billing, graffiti on a cop car, sale of narcotics that goes wrong, all these auditory interstices slipped into their albums made me want to compose, only with this materials, the landscape of a suburb. "Records in the Hood" offer an auditory representation of a suburb fantasized by French rappers. But a blur slips into the pictorial interpretation of these interludes. Total simulacrum under surreal perfusion, the characters come alive in a shadow play decontextualizing these sounds in the multiple frames of an anthology of contemporary architecture. The deliberately offbeat tone removes the effects of reality induced in the words of these authors, leaving the solid stereotypes suburban bare in this setting so often swallowed by violence, the industry of hedonism, the cult of the body, that clips and media spread.

Duration : 19min
Format : found footage et animation
Date : 2017
Free movie on this link : here
Diffusion : festival Som'City (Sommières, 2019)/ festival Résonances (Bruxelles, 2019)/ festival Vidéoformes (Clermont Ferrand, 2019) / festival Art Souterrain (Montréal, 2019) / High Coast Film Festival (Suède, 2019, prix du meilleur film expérimental)/ FID Festival (Marseille, 2018) / Kinepolis ( Longwy, 2018) /Festival Zikamine (Metz, 2017) / Cameo Ariel (Metz, 2017).


The year 2000 will ring in a few hours. The arrival of an IT bug will change everything that Harry has prepared to celebrate quietly this new year day with his wife Wendy.

Video consisted only of air plans of American cities, this found footage movie takes away his geography by replacing the actors by buildings with a doubtful accent. The French cinematographic aura sneaks in this colossal continent to compose a blockbuster which tries with great difficulty to equal his Hollywood colleagues.

Duration : 25 min
Format : Found footage
Date : 2014
Free movie on this link : here
Diffusion : Novembre Numérique (Lima, 2018) / Festival Bogoshorts (Bogota, 2017) / festival Tropisme (Montpellier, 2015) /
Lauréat inrocksLab 2014 / Gaïté Lyrique (Paris, 2014) / Cinémathèque du Luxembourg (2014) / Prix Rotary (2014) / festival Bandits-Mages (Bourges, 2013) / festival VOST (Nancy, 2013) / La Nuit de la Vidéo (Metz, 2013) / Exposition Pourquoi? (Saint-Dizier, 2013) /.