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Phonographic research carried out with the precious advice of Marc Namblard around the possibility of playing the trumpet in the forest without harming its sound life. The 5 compositions, far from being devoid of humor, try to find answers.

Maxime Le Moing : I refuse to play the trumpet in the woods, forest, because I fear to worry the animal world, of the little that remains, of a message recalling the compositions emitted with the brass instruments during the scenes hunting (mainly horn and trumpet), thus risking to level down the soundscape in which I try to dress lightly with my presence. I don't think that animals are able to differentiate compositions for hunting from those of a naive trumpeter improvising some notes with the space which surrounds it, suddenly I started playing the trumpet otherwise, to make sound effects of all types to camouflage me in space and transform me into a being of its hybrid. Perhaps you can tell me if this fear is justified or not

Marc Namblard : I think you are asking yourself very good questions: making a sound, in a forest, in a space inhabited by other living beings in general, is never harmless ... And it is not always easy to assess the impact for many reasons (difficulty of observation, modification of behavior deferred over time, etc.), but in general, I would tend to say that we may underestimate be the faculties of animals (and in particular birds) to analyze what they hear and in particular "sound intrusions". The risks of lasting and serious disturbances are very minimal in my opinion, as long as these experiences are punctual and of relatively short duration. On the other hand, it can be very interesting to observe the behavior of animals and try to qualify them ... Do some people stop singing to listen? Or on the contrary resume their songs, more precipitously, more nervous? Do they issue alerts? Come closer to observe?

Maxime Le Moing : I took your remarks very seriously following your mail, and set out to study the impact of the trumpet in the Graouilly forest (forest located a few steps from Lessy where I exercise market gardening help almost daily). Living in Metz, I go to Lessy by bike (armed with my pocket trumpet in a satchel) to work there, and as soon as the work is done, I leave in the forest in search of an area where the birds feel at ease for sing. I put my microphones there, choose the distance to express myself and accompany the sound movements of my environment with the trumpet. The fact is that I never get the same results, even if for some recordings, I realize that I silence the birds (and the operated phonographies demonstrate it unfortunately). Also amazing, often by putting away my microphones, I had the impression that they were picking up! So I wonder if I make them run away, or maybe they are curious and listen, do they interpret these sounds? What does a bird think of when I play? Sometimes, by emitting a fairly strong pitted note, I can hear a bird fly away (a blackbird for example) but in some cases they seem to continue their trills and chirps without paying too much attention to my game, or they participate voluntarily ! Sometimes, too, I feel them curious, and they come closer to grasp these vibrations more closely. I already felt this feeling when I was training diphonic singing in the forest. Also there are other parameters which are taken into account and which more or less attenuate their songs (and which the microphones find it difficult to reveal): the arrival of the wind, or the light changes, especially when a gray cloud passes , the songs quickly die out at that time. I also specify that I did not systematically register. As my sessions progress, I develop a sound grammar so as not to always find myself in this situation of ending up solo. So I took the trouble to place my microphones at different distances, so as not to put my trumpet always in the foreground, letting the animal world vibrate in the first place.

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Does the trumpet nest in the forest? - Maxime Le Moing
Durée: 31min17s
Format: MP3 320kbit/sec
Size: 74,3Mo

1. The fugitives / 00:00
2. Free improvisation with a country cricket / 09:03
3. Does the trumpet nest in the forest? / 13:04
4. The poo / 20:49
5. The destitution / 24:44


"L'eau monte" is a collection of sound explorations made with my augmented trumpet during the confinement period. Backed by with my outfit of the listening walker, I go outside every day for 1 hour tweaking the acoustics of places, arranging the delicate sound expressions of my environment with a touch of music. If thirst comes to me, I take my microphones to capture these exchanges. On the way back, I have puffy pockets with a few sound recordings which, during editing, are very little cut and have no added effect, mixing in that way the art of phonography with free improvisation. It's a kind of Phonografree in a way ...

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Water rises - Maxime Le Moing
Duration: 36min58s
Format: MP3 320kbit/sec
Size: 86,2Mo

1. Opening fo a kazoo / 00:00
2. The wind turns / 01:27
3. The bird in the gutter / 04:54
4. Confinement / 06:04
5. Wandering #1 / 10:35
6. It lives / 11:56
7. Evening vapors / 16:23
8. My stomach / 18:13
9. Soft art / 19:59
10. Wandering #2 / 21:02
11. Electromagnétics Oms / 22:45
12. The jackhammer / 25:26
13. The mirror / 26:41
14. No longer be a human / 27:17
15. Wandering #3 / 32:29
16. Spring / 32:54
17. Closure for a loop / 35:04


These compositions are written slowly, over several months, years, when - suddenly - one sound reacts with another. They are each modeled, reshaped over my breaths. This document is therefore no longer up to date ...

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The nights - Maxime Le Moing
Duration: 11min42s
Format: MP3 320kbit/sec
Size: 23,3Mo

1. The nights / 00:00
2. So close / 03:22
3. The kefir / 05:00
4. Hoop / 06:09
5. The shelter/ 07:37
6. The powerstrip / 08:46
7. Like this / 10:12

ROBERRIES (followed by "my father's motorcycles")

Five biographical stories of robberies narrated by Mr X, who devoted his career to pimping, the trafficking of counterfeit money, and other trickery.

This project was carried out with the collaboration of the architect Morgane Clément.

+ followed by the sound piece "my father's motorcycles", an interview which traces my father's ability to recognize the reference of a motorcycle by listening to its engine, without any visual support ...

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braquages + les motos d'mon père - Maxime Le Moing
Duration: 21min56s
Format: MP3 320kbit/sec
Size: 52,7Mo

1. Roberries / 00:00
2. My father's motorcycles / 14:53