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Maxime Le Moing breathes in Metz. He worked for 10 years around mash-ups and cinematographic soundwriting. His films have had international distribution. Also hired full time as a listening walker, since 2019 he has decided to untie himself from the image to develop improvised unidentified sound encounters in order to break down the barriers of music. Affiliated with the practice of agriculture and the trumpet, he works in radio, sound poetry, neo-animist musical performance and sound effects.

His creations are punctuated by the seasons: in winter, he runs Lettrist poetry workshops for young audiences by teaching them the beat box, in spring he records the sound of photosynthesis in plants and develops a thesis entitled "Nature prefers the harsh-noise than classical music ”, in summer he wanders with his trumpet and his noisemaker's case to revive the dead spaces of the capitaloscene, in autumn he arranges roundabouts, wasteland and small woods to restore free wandering to taste one night sex encounters. A way to surprise art overflowing.

Trained at ESAL Metz, IAD in Belgium, as well as by the post-diploma Arts and sound creations in Bourges, he sharpens his ears thanks to meetings with Jérome Joy, Claudio Pazienza, Damien Manivel, Lionel Marchetti, Antoine Boute, Yvan Etienne, Violaine Lochu.

Past events :


Collaboration with Nina Harker / Les trinitaires, Metz.
Duo with Romain Laurent / Secret place, Metz.

Live with Dewendel's dambe / Aérogare, Metz.
Live "ground" with Sarah Grandjean and Josepha Mougenot / Cultural summer, Metz.
The water rises / Diffusion of the trumpet collection for the radio Sonic Protest, Paris.
Les Nuits / Broadcasting of a radio play for Ô radio.
Live trumpet / Radio Radio, Bourges.
Live trumpet / MCL contemporary art weekend, Metz.


Obscure / FID Room, Marseille.
Ablations / L'Human Tech Days Festival, Loire Valley Center, Bourges.

Ablations / Pendulum group exhibition, Hôtel Lallemant, Bourges.
Ablations / Pendulum group exhibition, Orleans Architecture Biennial.
La Banlieue du Skeud / Som 'City Festival, Sommières.
La Banlieue du Skeud / Festival Résonances, Brussels, Belgium.
La Banlieue du Skeud / Videoformes Festival, Clermond Ferrand.
La Banlieue du Skeud / Festival Art Souterrain, Montreal, Canada.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Festival Novembre Numérique, Lima, Peru.
The Skeud Suburb / High Coast Film Festival, Sweden.
La Banlieue du Skeud / FID Festival, Marseille.
Robberies (French remake) / Collective exhibition 'Bas Fond', Lieu Commun, Metz.
The soldiers are DJs / Personal exhibition, Le Lée, Metz.
The Suburb of SKeud / Kinepolis Longwy.

La Banlieue du Skeud / Festival Zikamine, BAM, Metz.
Restrospective of my films / Mash-up Festival, Metz.
La Banlieue du Skeud / Cameo Ariel, Metz.

They all drink sparkling water / Tuscaloosa & friends, Longwy.
They all drink sparkling water / The Book Festival in Metz, Metz.
Robberies (French remake) / Collective exhibition 'Zone d'ombres', Atelier Quatre Pourcent, Nancy.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Biennial contemporary art, Mulhouse.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Festival Tropisme, La Panacée Art Center, Montpellier.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Collective exhibition 'Péninsule', Cultural center, Épinal.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Cinémathèque, Luxembourg.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Collective exhibition 'Péninsule', Galerie 9, Nancy.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Collective exhibition 'Point d'or Flo 2015', Galerie ESAL, Metz.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Festival VOST, Nancy and Épinal.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Collective exhibition 'Pourquoi?', Saint-Dizier.

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / Festival Bandits-Mages, Bourges.
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE YEAR 2000 / The night of video, MJC Lillebonne, Nancy.


Best experimental movie for 'La banlieue du Skeud' 2018 / Hight Coast Film Festival, Sweden.
Support for the creation of DRAC Grand Est 2017.
InrocksLab 2014 winner / Gaïté Lyrique, Paris.



Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expressions, with congratulations.
Lorraine Higher School of Art, Metz / 2014

Post-Diploma Arts and sound creations.
Bourges Higher Art School / 2019