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Maxime Le Moing breathes in Metz. He worked for 10 years around the mash-up and the cinematographic sound writing, of which these films had an international diffusion. Also affiliated with the practice of sound effects and cinema for the ears, he decides since 2019 to untie himself from the image to elaborate various sound compositions with his trumpet which he considers as an ecological portable speaker allowing him to wander the phonography, concrete and experimental music in various public spaces (suburbs, forests, motorway areas, construction sites, etc.). A way of overflowing the art of its culturals filters, in all surprise. Trained in ESAL Metz, IAD in Belgium, as well as by the post-diploma Arts and sound creations in Bourges, he sharpens his ears thanks to meetings with Jérome Joy, Claudio Pazienza, Damien Manivel, Lionel Marchetti, Antoine Boute, Yvan Etienne, Violaine Lochu and also develops projects in the world of radio and poetry. He works upstream in vegetable farms which are his first listeners, and actively campaigns for a leading ecosophy.